"Various Artist" Designations

Use of “Various Artists. If there are four or more primary artists on the album, the primary album-level artist should be Various Artists. Do not list more than three Primary artists at the album level. Do not use Various Artists for one-track singles or if there is only one artist on an album. Various Artists should not be used for ringtones.

“Various Artists” at Track Level. Various Artists must not be a track-level artist, unless it is a continuous mix track performed by various artists.

Incorrect Presentation of “Various Artists. Variations or abbreviations of “Various Artists” (for example, “V/A,” “V.A.,” “Various,” “Various Artist,” or “Varios”) must not be used as an artist name for English-language content.

Translated versions of “Various Artists” are acceptable as long as they are consistent with the content’s language.

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