SymphonicMS Updates - 07.24.2017

While going through site maintenance we decided to do a little bit of housekeeping on our navigation. Some links have been removed, others have been re-arranged to better fit the navigation flow, and a few have been added.



  • Distribute now only contains links to distribute releases
  • We have moved all of the links related to Soundcloud, Youtube, and Anti-Piracy to the Rights navigation header


  • We split up the functional links like the Promo Mailer and Feature Requests from the services focused links like Bio Creation and Video Marketing
    • Just a little bit cleaner to help you promote your releases quicker
  • Symphonic Social Platform has been added
    • A social media platform to help engage fans


  • Get an Advance has been added
    • We partnered with Sound Royalties to help fund your next music project


  • More has been removed and replaced with Rights


  • Anti-Piracy has been moved to Rights
  • Soundcloud & Youtube has been moved to Rights
  • Publishing Administration has been moved to Rights
  • Contracts / Legal has been moved to Rights


  • CEO1on1 has been moved to Help
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