Can Symphonic cancel my account?

If we suspect fraudulent activity, anything suspicious with the music you are distributing, potential incorrect or bot like streaming plays (juicing of your music to get it up into the charts), and/or anything that may harm Symphonic, yes, we will cancel. We will notify you if this is the case and often times will randomly reach out and contact you to provide proof of rights for your music.

If you do not respond within a certain amount of time and we've made a reasonable amount of effort to reach out and verify the information, then we will proceed with a cancellation of the account and any remaining royalties would of course be paid.

We ask that all individuals, brands, record labels, and artists registering content with us abide by our terms and conditions and ensure that the music they release is 100% legally cleared for distribution and 100% owned by the individual distributing it. We do not take any ownership of material and as such should copyright issues arise, will have a zero tolerance policy to resolve.

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