Important Notice Regarding Q117 Statements

Update as of June 13, 2017:
Q117B has been posted to the SymphonicMS. This report is for Feb and March Spotify as per the notice below. If you'd like to see a full partner breakdown you would have to select "Q117" from the drop down menu.

Previous Note:
This is a note to advise that we plan on posting two separate royalty reports for Q117. The first will be posed by the 15th or 16th of May (next week). That report will contain the complete quarter data (Jan 1st – March 31st) and reporting from our partners lie iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Tidal, etc.

At this time, due to the negotiations that concluded in April 2017, Symphonic and many other distributors and record labels are still waiting on February’s and March’s Spotify data. We hope to get this data by this week, however we’ve been told that it may be due to us by the end of May 2017.

For that reason, we have chosen to go ahead and process the Q1 payments from the partners we have already received, including January’s numbers for Spotify, and hope to post the 2nd report with February and March’s Spotify revenue sometime between June 1st to June 15th or sooner.

We realize this is frustrating and stressful for our clients, and we can assure you that it is for us as well. Every quarter we’ve always advanced funds from Spotify. We typically receive funds from the third month of a given quarter 35+ days after you receive it from us. We do an advance on the reporting so as to minimize the impact on our artists and labels. In this case, we can’t advance because we don’t have any information of how much was made so that we can report and pay it out to you.

So to summarize, unless anything changes and we receive February and March data for Spotify this week, you will receive a report posted on the SymphonicMS by May 15th-16th of the next week that contains all of the data we have including January Spotify, and an additional one that we will label Q117B via the SymphonicMS to cover the missing months of Spotify so that you wouldn’t have to wait until the following quarter.

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