How are you different from The Orchard, InGrooves, Label-Worx, Label-Engine, etc.?

Every distribution company operates differently. We believe we're different because we have more in house offerings than what some of the companies mentioned in the post subject. Additionally, we cater to Record Labels and Artists individually thus enabling us to guide your career from an independent perspective all the way to an established record label.

Offerings such as:
-Anti Piracy Protection Service (Topple Track) - Owned by Symphonic
-Promotional outlet in (Available to all artists and labels)
-Creative Services (Lyric Video Production, Video Production for promo purposes)
-Free promo mailer
-Music Video Distribution to Apple, TIDAL, and more (Including Vevo)
-Tailor made marketing packages
-Public pages to promote your release
-Free release links of iTunes and Spotify (and more in the future)
-Neighboring Rights (directly done with PRO's)
-Publishing Administration for songwriters
-Sync Licensing
-Contracts services

These offerings above are either not covered at all nor directly covered by many of our competitors. Aside of this, we believe we distribute your music to the most important partners out there (of all types and genres) and further, let you pick a deal that works for you. Other partners have different percentage based deals or their deals will keep more depending on how you perform.

Thank you for your time and for considering Symphonic Distribution.

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