How do I get on the Billboard or iTunes charts?

First, from a digital service provider perspective, partners such as iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, etc, have their own chart recognition systems that are a bit different from the traditional billboard charts. Each partner has their own overall chart and often, charts for specific genres.

For a song or album to chart, it has to sell and/or have a lot of streams. No album and/or release is automatically placed there nor can it be bought thus, if you'd like to be on iTunes charts for example, a hit record will be one that will get you some solid placement.

From a Billboard perspective, iTunes and many others report sales to Soundscan which is what Billboard uses to display its charts. In order to really make an impact on Billboard you need QUITE a bit of sales and/or streams. We're not at liberty to say how many streams or sales it takes to be on the billboard charts but, it is a totally different entity from iTunes and others. This article outlines how the Billboard charting process works.

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