How are you different from Tunecore?

Below is a brief overview of how we are different from Tunecore.

For Artist Distribution:
Let's say you wanted to put out a "Single". With us, we give you 100% of royalties, we charge a ONE TIME sign up fee of $25, and a per release fee starting at $10.99. That means your total cost is $35.99. With Tunecore, for the same exact "Single" you would have to pay $9.99 to start, then $9.99 every year to keep your album up (and if not, they take it down) + a fee of $1.98 per store or platform that you add. We don't charge any additional fees for iTunes Preorders (they charge $100). 

Total cost of Tunecore for 1 single with a Pre Order and all stores that take your genre:
$9.99 + $100 + $9.99 per year = $119.98
(Not counting additional stores or delivery points that they charge $1.98 for)

Total cost of Symphonic for 1 single with a Pre Order and all stores that take your genre:
$25 + $10.99 = $35.99

In addition, we're one of the only distributors (if not the only) to offer 100% of royalties for sites such as Beatport and get you into niche and boutique shops that help independents build a following such as Juno, Traxsource, and much more. That means we're one of the leading distributors of artist content for the Electronic and Hip Hop masses.

We also have the ability for you to send out copies of your release to your fans, the ability to protect your music with our anti piracy service Topple Track, delivering new audio formats such as the STEMS by Native Instruments audio format and much more.

Every musician and client has a choice and we too are a hard working business like Tunecore. Regardless of your choice, thank you for taking the time to consider us.

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