Will my % deal change?

If you are below 85% of royalties, you will be upgraded to the 85% rate which presents a significant upgrade. If you are above it, your % deal will not change. If we and/or Houseplanet has reached out independently, then in that case a discussion would be had however, we will be honoring as many deals as possible that you have had with Houseplanet to ensure continuity. As little as possible has changed, it’s only gotten better!


En la mayoría de los casos, su % acordado no cambiará. Si nosotros y / o Houseplanet le hemos alcanzado independientemente, entonces en ese caso se tendría una conversación. Sin embargo, estaremos honrando todos los acuerdos que ha tenido con Houseplanet para asegurar continuidad. ¡Tan poco como posible ha cambiado, sólo se ha mejorado!

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