How does Symphonic help me with features?

Symphonic's Marketing team works extremely hard every single day to secure as many feature placements as possible. First, we receive feature requests via the SymphonicMS. If you are ever interested in having your music pitched, it is important that you send in your music with at least 3-4 weeks prior to a release date. Failure to do so will greatly decrease your chances of being featured.

Once we've compiled all of the requests from record labels and artists, we take all of that information and review it to ensure it fits the proper specifications that a partner requires. In the same sense that we have to create a different method of delivery to partners, and, in the same way that we receive many different reports and place them in one format for record labels and artists to view their sales, we have to prepare different forms and methods for submitting features to various partners.

After our marketing team has designated the releases to be pitched for the week, we go forth and do our weekly phone calls and submissions to the various partners that we deliver to. We also prepare a featured releases newsletter for every partner to view in addition to our direct pushing.

Aside of this, even without anything pitched, we review our catalogue carefully and pitch music that we feel would fit well towards a particular territory and platform. We also place material on our playlists and work hard to pitch songs for playlists as well as Sync Licensing opportunities.

The reasoning for us writing this is that our team works extremely hard often even on weekends to secure features. Many distributors have similar structures and focuses like the ones above and we feel it is important to be transparent and discuss what steps we take. Of course, there are many other minor tasks and duties that we do to secure placements but the real point here is that every distributor has the same access and process to get releases featured and no one has a different ability than we may have for getting releases featured.

For more tips, check out the videos below as well as click here to view our SymBlog where a lot of resources and helpful articles are constantly being posted.

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