What are "Features" or "Feature Placements"?

We label "Features" as banner placements and/or your music being included on playlists via Spotify and more. Whenever you see a banner or an album being promoted on a retailer, streaming platform, and/or music website, this is called a "Feature" because the platform itself is featuring that specific product in their website front end for prospective customers to purchase. Example below.

The images you see are of Beatport promoting individual releases. These are releases being featured on their platform and pitched by distributors such as us. The features are picked by the staff of the platforms (in this case, Beatport). The way that they consider releases is by having a close relationship and discussion with us in regards to your album and/or albums and if they like what they see and hear then they get included.

Features are not guaranteed for anyone, anywhere. They are also not paid or charged to you. We always like to make it very clear that we as a company never guarantee a feature. No company can guarantee it and if they are stating that they can, we recommend you let us know as that information is not valid. Further, a feature doesn't guarantee that your product will sell or be streamed. It does help the chances but it is up to a consumer to purchase or play your material.

If you're interested in learning more on the features process, we've done a few helpful posts on our blog to help you get familiarized with the process:

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