Can I have my video on more than one YouTube channel?

When you sign up for video distribution with Symphonic, one of the options we provide is the creation of a VEVO branded YouTube channel. We can also upload your music video to existing VEVO channels. VEVO has a partnership with YouTube that allows them to create a VEVO branded YouTube channel when they make a channel on What is beneficial to YOU about this partnership is that your video will be monetized on 3 platforms (YouTube, VEVO website, and VEVO app) versus just 1 platform with YouTube.

You may keep your music video on your own YouTube channel as well as your new VEVO branded YouTube channel, but it cannot be monetized since we would be monetizing the music video automatically on your VEVO branded YouTube channel,, and the VEVO app. YouTube would see this as “Double Dipping” if you were to try to monetize the video on more than one channel. Just keep in mind that having the video on your own artist channel may take potential plays away from the VEVO channel being monetized.
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