Why is there a two week minimum for Video Distribution submissions?

For Video Distribution, we require all videos be submitted with a go live date of at least two weeks from the submission date to allow our partners time to ingest, download, process, and upload your video to their platforms. 

Because each partner has different ingestion processes, we require this two week time frame so that your video is guaranteed to go live on ALL video platforms on the same day. 
The two week time frame also provides time just in case delays occur with the submission process, like encoding errors with the video, incorrect banner images, missing information on the video metadata form, channel name already taken, etc. We actually recommend that videos be submitted 1-2 months before your go live date to allow for these potential changes and also allow the artist or label to tease the video’s release and   enable a strong marketing campaign.
This is an industry standard, as most major artists will have their videos completed and pending for release months before their go live date.
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